best personal accessories you need 2018
best personal accessories you need 2018

10 Personal Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

What’s modern life without super cool accessories?

There are some possessions that we just didn’t need once, but now can’t live without, and why? Because they altogether enrich our lives!

This article is a list of amazing personal accessories to make your life better many times over:

1.     Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

You probably had never heard of fidget spinners until one day they seemed to appear everywhere.

This low-tech toy, the bane of parents and teachers everywhere, is highly addictive.

So what exactly does this thing do?

It rotates and spins. What it does is not remarkable. But the effect this little gadget has is much greater.

Fidget spinners have been said to relieve anxiety, increase concentration, and help with autism-related restlessness.

Some have even cited fidget spinners with helping them quit smoking. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most must-have gadgets right now.

They are also super affordable, and you can purchase a fidget spinner under $20.

2.     Breathalyzer


No one thinks of breathalyzers much until they get pulled over. Breathalyzers determine blood alcohol content (BAC) by taking a sample of your breath.

You don’t have to be a cop to own one. There are small and easy to use breathalyzers that anyone can own. It can be quite useful to have a breathalyzer on your person.

If you are medically required to measure your BAC, then you will definitely need one.

If you don’t want to drive drunk and end up arrested, having a breathalyzer in your car can help.

Breathalyzers are available at low-cost prices. Even the cheapest ones are surprisingly accurate just like the professional ones the police use.

3.     VR Headset

VR Headset

VR headsets are the coolest tech gadgets since smartphones, wouldn’t you agree?

If you don’t already know:

VR headsets are devices that you can wear around your head so you can play games and watch movies in 3D.

The headsets don’t generate 3D pictures, but they can provide an immersive experience that feels like 3D.

VR stands for virtual reality. So these headsets are very much like the ones you see in sci-fi movies.

VR headsets can be used with computers, gaming consoles, and even smartphones. You can use a device to play VR games, watch movies, and consume other multi-dimensional content.

Despite being cool futuristic devices, VR headsets are amazingly cheap.

You can purchase a really cheap VR headset mainly compatible with smartphones with only $50. You can find a widely compatible headset with a budget of $100.

4.     Flashlight


Don’t rely on your phone to show your way in the dark, and buy a flashlight today!

No one expects power cuts or brownouts, but when they do happen, you will wish you had a flashlight on your person.

Flashlights are a must to keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency like a tire blowing out in the middle of the night.

You will also need one when doing activities like camping.

You can buy a basic flashlight with about $20. You can buy a flashlight with better range with a budget of $50.

5.     Hoverboard


Have you watched “Back to the Future” and wished you had a hoverboard like Marty McFly? If you are a nineties kid, then you probably did!

Luckily for you, hoverboards exist in real life! Well, they don’t actually hover in the air, yet, but they get quite close to giving you a similar feeling:

Real-life hoverboards are like skateboards, but they can be navigated without kicking.

You can nudge a hoverboard in a direction and the gadget will go that way. It’s pretty cool.

Hoverboards won’t cost you a fortune either. You can buy a reliable hoverboard under $200. There are also plenty of cheap hoverboards out there as well.

6.     Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

If you work out, then having a fitness tracker can make your life a whole lot easier.

Fitness trackers are like watches that you wear on your hand. Unlike watches, though, these can give your cool statistics:

Your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and several other fitness measures can be monitored when you work out.

Don’t work out?

Well, then you can still use a fitness tracker to monitor your sleep.

These amazing little gadgets will tell you more about yourself than you ever knew. Plus, they don’t cost much either.

7.     Smart Tracker

Smart Tracker

Lost your car keys again?

It could happen when you have a Bluetooth-enabled smart tracker attached to your keychain.

Then you can simply go to the corresponding app on your phone and locate the lost keychain wherever you lost it.

This is definitely the groundbreaking innovation the twenty-first century has been waiting for.

There are many different brand names for smart keychain trackers, but they all function the same way.

The cost is reasonable and well worth it, considering you can find your lost keys in a matter of minutes.

8.     Shower Speaker

Shower Speaker

Love singing in the shower?

Or are you one of those people who play songs in your head when in the shower?

Music lovers loathe taking regular speakers to the washroom because you know what happens.

Shower speakers are the perfect solution that lets you jam out without ruining an electronic gadget.

Shower speakers have waterproof casings so you can use one inside the shower and not worry about the moisture ruining the delicate electronics inside.

Some shower speakers can even survive an accidental drop in the bathtub.

So, don’t wait to fill your bathroom with music now.

9.     Power Bank

Power Bank

Power banks are portable chargers that all well-connected modern citizens need.

Everyone has at least once had to deal with a dead phone battery, or a camera battery getting to critical battery level at just the perfect moment to take a pic.

But there is an ideal solution:

You don’t have to deal with these pesky battery issues anymore when you own a power bank. They are small and can easily fit inside a backpack or a purse.

Power banks vary in size, but even the smallest packs enough power to charge a smartphone battery to full.

It’s like carrying an extra battery or two around but without the extra weight.

10.    USB Hub


Here’s a quick question:

Have you ever tried to connect a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, a dongle, and your smartphone to your laptop?

You probably cannot because most computers only come with two or three USB ports.

Most of us have tons of devices to connect and charge in one instance. This is why every modern netizen needs a USB hub by the computer.

USB hubs dramatically increase the number of USB ports you have at your disposal. You can charge or connect near a dozen devices with some hubs.

You can even buy USB hubs with SD card readers. Once you get one, you won’t be able to live without it ever.

Make your life more efficient, less time-consuming, and a whole lot more comfortable with the personal accessories listed above.