5 Best Fountain Pens Under $50 [2023 Version] - Consumer Help Guide
Best Fountain Pen Under $50

5 Best Fountain Pens Under $50 [2023 Version]

Best Fountain Pen Under $50

Last update: 2/2/2023 | Read time: 4 minutes

If you do a lot of writing, you know how important the quality of a fountain pen is. That’s why we’ll be going through the best products, to narrow down the best fountain pens under $50.

Top 5 Best Fountain Pens Under $50 – 2023

In this section, we’ll be going through the best options available. You’ll be amazed at the fountain pens you can get at this price.

1. Pilot Lucina Fine Nib Pen

The Lucina is one of the world’s finest fountain pens and is the best fountain pen under $50.

If you want a pen that looks great, the Lucina comes in the cavalier design, combining vintage designs with contemporary. Not only does this design offer a sophisticated look, but it also has a great grip, allowing you to write as smoothly as possible.

It has a fine nib that is sharp yet soft, giving you ample control over the pen’s strokes. Moreover, it is relatively light at 0.48 ounces, contributing to its smooth use.

You can fill it with any ink you want, not just Pilot’s.


  • Superb quality for its price
  • Lightweight
  • Great design


  • Doesn’t have a metal body

2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Charcoal - Fine

Lamy is a brand that is slowly growing in popularity. As a result, we have the excellent Safari pen, giving the Lucina a run for its money.

Here’s why:

If you want a pen that will catch anyone’s attention, get your hands on this one. It follows the Bauhaus principle of design, so it has a compact and sleek look, perfect for the modern individual.

Although it’s made from plastic, it is considerably durable so you can maintain the pen for a long time- as it uses ABS plastic. This durability translates to the nib as well as it’s made from steel.

With that being said, it’s noticeably heavy, weighing 0.96 ounces which may affect the smoothness of your work.


  • Smooth writing
  • Great appearance


  • Noticeably heavy
  • Doesn’t have a metal body

3. Pilot FPRN-350R-TOCM Pen

As you can see, Pilot is a frontrunner in the industry, with two pens on this list so far. What makes this pen so great is that it can work with any ink and there is a separate compartment for you to store it in. This is present on the top. What’s more, the pen is see-through, so you will know if it needs a refill.

Being see-through, it has a “skeleton” like design and the exterior lacks unnecessary design elements, which don’t affect your grip.

As it’s transparent, you can monitor how well your ink refill is doing, getting it refilled before the supply runs out.

Although its barebones design makes it lightweight, it’s only 0.64 ounces, and is not as light as the Lucina.


  • Can monitor your ink levels
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can interchange nibs


  • Can leak at times
  • Nib can produce scratchy lines

4. No products found.

No products found.

The pen is not made from plastic, but has barrels of metal. This allows for a premium feel as the pen glides across the paper.

However, since it does not contain plastic, you can expect it to be very heavy, at 4.6 ounces!

As it’s so well-made, the pen will last long, being durable. This is especially true for its cartridge slot.

Moreover, you can store a lot of ink in it which not a lot of pens on this list can do. The pen is made especially for writers.


  • Feels and looks luxurious
  • Very smooth
  • Can hold a lot of ink


  • Very heavy
  • Only 2 types of nibs available for the pen

5. Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain Pen

The Zenzoi is specially made for calligraphy, and not for regular writing, so keep this in mind. That being said, it performs well at its job.

You can swap the ink with any kind you like which is a calligrapher’s dream.

In terms of appearance, the pen is very premium, having a shiny gold finish while the rest of its body is satin black and bamboo.

As it’s made from bamboo, you don’t have to worry about the pen being non-biodegradable as this material is highly ecofriendly.


  • Writes smoothly
  • Looks amazing


  • Cap dries out quickly
  • Heavy

Things To Know When Buying A Fountain Pen

We’ve looked at the fountain pens for a budget on the market.  Now let’s talk about the things you should assess when making a purchase.

Different Types of Fountain Pens

There are two types: for writers, and calligraphers. Unfortunately, getting a pen that does both is hard to find.

The Main Features Of A Fountain Pen

Here are the main features that make a good fountain pen:


The weight is important because if it’s too heavy, you won’t be able to hold it properly. This ultimately affects your writing.


If the fountain pen only uses one type of ink, this might be inconvenient. If the ink is not in stock, you won’t be able to use the pen. Thus, a good pen would be compatible with any type of ink from any brand.


The pen should not be too big as this would affect your grip. It can’t be too small either, as this would make it difficult to hold.


If the pen leaks, no matter how good it is, it will be useless as the ink blotches will ruin your work.

Things to Look for When Buying A Fountain Pen

Let’s go through some tips that will help you purchase the perfect fountain pen.


The pens come in various price ranges, so you can save the most by buying online, especially during sales. Thankfully, Amazon has many of these.

Return Policy

Preferably, the brand should offer a return policy, in case the pen may be damaged when you take it out of the box.


If you purchase a pen from a reputed brand, you don’t have to worry as the brand has a standard to live up to.


The pens on this list are some of the best on the market, especially for your budget. From the assortment here, if you want to get your hands on the best, you should purchase the Pilot Lucina Fine Nib Pen. However, the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is just as good.

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