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Best Wave Brushes

5 Best Wave Brushes [2023 Version]

Best Wave Brushes

Last updated: 2/3/23 | Read Time: 4 min

If you like to look your best, having great hair is important. That’s why you need to get your hands on a proper brush to take care of your locks.

Below, we’ll be discussing some of the best in the market, to help you find the best wave brush available.

Please note: we try our best to keep a lookout for when a brush is low on inventory to alert our readers, however, with inventory being sporadic, it’s been tough to do so, so we apologize in advance.

Top 5 Best Wave Brushes

Here are the top 5 picks we will be discussing:

1. Kingston Grooming Wave Brush

Kingston is a leading brand in the hairbrush industry. The Grooming Wave Brush is one of their bestsellers and deserves the title of the best wave brush.

Its bristles are very soft as they’re made from boar fur. Because of this, you can ensure you get in some quality grooming.

The bristles aren’t too soft either, as with certain other brushes. Thus, you can create ample waves in your hair or beard whenever you brush them.

That’s not all; its design is superb as well. It comes with a quality contour design, ensuring your hand can grasp the brush tightly. The design also allows the bristles to make maximum contact with your hair.

Additionally, premium beechwood is used for the body, weighing the brush down to give you a good grip and premium feel.


  • Looks great
  • Allows quality grooming
  • Amazing ergonomics


  • Slightly heavy
  • Designed for men only

2. Torino Pro Curve Wave Brush by Brush King – #450 -360 Wave Brush

The Torino brand is another popular choice, giving Kingston a run for its money. Here’s why:

Its bristles, though not made from boar fur are amazing at grooming. They’re relatively soft yet firmer than a medium brush. This provides a smooth glide against your hair.

Compared to the Kingston, the Torino is larger in size, which makes it harder to hold. However, it allows a larger area of your hair to be brushed. Therefore, you’ll be done grooming in no time.

Moreover, its bristles are tough enough to penetrate each layer of your hair, detangling knots effortlessly.

What’s more, each brush comes with a maintenance kit courtesy of Torino!


  • Great at producing wave patterns
  • Thorough maintenance
  • Well worth the price


  • Not great during wolfing
  • Heavy

3. Diane Boar Reinforced Wave Brush

Unlike the other brushes on this list, the Diane Boar Reinforced wave brush is specifically designed to detangle hair. Thus, it works very well for brushing coarse hair.

It not only has boar hair bristles, but they are reinforced with plastic!

Its body is made of wood, so you can hold it easily. The wooden exterior is light, allowing the brush to glide across your hair.


  • Amazing at removing tangles
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect when wolfing


  • Only 40% boar fur, rest is nylon

4. Diane 100% Boar Wave Brush

As the name suggests, this brush is 100% boar hair which gives it a premium feel. Because of the quality of its bristles, you can expect the brush to last a long time.

Its durability is amplified as the handle is UV proof, preventing it from oxidizing.

Unfortunately, some customers might be put off by its appearance. It has a long paddle which is quite old-fashioned.


  • Works well for coarse hair
  • The bristles are 100% boar hair, providing a luxurious feel
  • Great durability


  • Looks cheap

5. Torino Pro Wave Brush #870 By Brush King – Hard 360 Waves Club Brush

This product from Torino also works well for coarse hair. Its bristles are long and hard, penetrating numerous layers of hair until it reaches the scalp.

In terms of the bristles, they’re a mixture of boar hair and nylon, utilizing the benefits of boar hair.

It’s also relatively large, allowing you to cover more area with each stroke. This is beneficial if you’re in a rush.

The ease of use is strengthened as it’s known to be extremely lightweight, letting you effortlessly glide the brush across your hair.


  • Amazing when wolfing
  • Perfect for coarse hair
  • Lightweight
  • Shiny appearance


  • Small handle, making gripping difficult if you have big hands

Things To Know When Buying A Wave Brush

Before you make a purchase, you need to be aware of a few factors that will help you choose the best wave brush.

The Main Features Of A Wave Brush

These include:


The brush should not be too heavy as this will affect your ability to hold it.


If the brush is large, you can cover more area, saving you time. However, if it’s too big, you can’t carry it around with you.

Bristle Texture

If you want the best grooming, get a brush with boar hair bristles. In terms of how coarse your hair is, you’ll need differently textured bristles.

For example, if your hair is very coarse, a soft brush won’t help but a middle-to-hard one would.


If it’s made from quality materials like beechwood, you can expect the brush to last a long time.

Things to Look for When Buying A Wave Brush

Let’s talk about some details that will make help you make a more informed decision.


Always aim for a quality brand as you know you’re getting good quality.

Assess Your Hair

You can’t buy any brush as your hair may react to it negatively. Therefore, it’s essential that you figure out how coarse your hair is and what type of bristles work best for you; whether soft, middle or hard.

Buy Online

Try to buy brushes online as you’re saving money. You can even for the most premium choices, yet save cash at the same time.

Take Care Of Your Hair

No matter how good your brush is, if you don’t maintain your hair, your brush won’t give you the waves you’re looking for. This includes preserving them with du-rags.


The products on this list are the best wave brushes you can find on the market. If you’re hoping to make the best investment, consider the Kingston Grooming Wave Brush as it is the best choice. If not, the Torino Pro Curve Wave brush is just as good.

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