5 Best Electric Shavers Under $50 (Shaving Doesn't Get Cheaper!) [2023]
Best Electric Shavers Under $50

5 Best Electric Shavers Under $50 (Shaving Doesn’t Get Cheaper!) [2020]

Best Electric Shavers Under $50Electric shavers are efficient and should be the choice hair removal tool for the modern man or woman.

If you thought electric shavers were expensive, well, actually, you can buy a decent budget one that performs just as nicely as an expensive one.

Everyone knows that electric shavers save time and are far more simple to use than most other hair removal methods.

You are less likely to injure yourself with an electric shaver. Some allow the shave even without the need for soap, cream or water.

This level of practicality is afforded by even the cheap shavers. That’s why we have this list of the best electric shavers under $50.

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Top 5 Electric Shavers Under $50 – 2023

Remington Foil Shaver, Electric Razor for Men, Cordless Rechargeable with Pop Up Trimmer, Pivot & FlexFoil Technology, Lightweight Handheld Design, Black
24,315 Reviews
Remington Foil Shaver, Electric Razor for Men, Cordless Rechargeable with Pop Up Trimmer, Pivot & FlexFoil Technology, Lightweight Handheld Design, Black
This is often hailed as one of the best electric shavers under $50, particularly for tough beards.

I have friends who need to shave about twice a day, and they use this electric shaver. I know this one can shave as closely as a regular Gillette razor.

Thanks to Interceptor Shaving Technology, this is one of the few foil shavers with an in-built trimmer to chop off long hair.

Use Mach 2 blades with shaving cream for a super clean cut look. If you have sensitive skin prone to razor bumps, this would be the ideal electric shaver to choose.

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SweetLF Electric Razor for Men IPX7 Waterproof Electric Shavers Wet & Dry Use Rechargeable Shavers for men(Quiet, Charge Time: 1 Hour, Use Time 120 min,2 Years Warranty),Blue
This 3-headed shaver is waterproof. I never have to worry about this getting doused in water or electrocuting me accidentally.

That ability aside, this electric shaver is also quite keen on getting the job done.

It’s very good and shaving off morning stubble, though you may have to work a bit harder if you have been growing stubble for a while.

It’s easy to clean; one rinse under the tap does the job for me.

The only thing I don’t like is the handle, which is a bit smooth and long, and easy to lose grip on.

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, Cordless 4 Blade Razor, Bikini Trimmer Attachment, Pop-up Trimmer, Wet Dry Operation, Close Curves – ES2216PC
This one is for the ladies. It sports four independent floating heads that’s quite popular among women with sensitive skin.

I’ve been told that the razor is quite adept at fitting the contours of the skin. It’s actually good for men too, especially those with particularly sensitive skin.

I found this shaver quite useful for getting fine sideburn and chest hair (when the occasion calls for it).

It’s surprisingly gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation.

MANGROOMER - PROFESSIONAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver
It’s not just the hair on the front that men have to worry about. Some men, like myself, have back hair to worry about too.

ManGroomer is one of the best electric shavers under $50 I know that can easily reach and remove back hair.

It’s not particularly powerful, but will provide a rather smooth shave. If you have never removed back hair, it might take two tries to get a clean cut.

I have thick hair so I use a shaving cream so this works wonderfully.

Things to Look for When Buying an Electric Shaver with a $50 Budget

Buying an electric shaver is not like getting another gadget. This works on your skin, so make sure you choose a good brand and a product, regardless of the price.

Electric shavers conventionally were either battery powered or had to be connected to a wall outlet.

Newer models have rechargeable batteries. Each power option has its perks and cons.

Rechargeable batteries might sound the most useful, but remember, if you forget to charge, you will have to wait until the shaver charges in the morning.

You will waste a lot of time. I personally find it useful to have different types of shavers handy just in case.

If you have sensitive skin, choose one the best electric shavers under $50 specifically made for that.

Read reviews to see what other people with sensitive skin has to say about the product. You can additionally ask your dermatologist as well.

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