Best Cheap Air Compressors (Under $100) [2022 Update]
Best Air Compressors Under 100

Best Cheap Air Compressors (Under $100) [For 2021]

Best Air Compressors Under 100Reading Time: 4 minutes

Having an air compressor at home can help you power a wide range of tools, like nail guns, leaf blowers, and spray guns.

If you’re worried about the price of a new air compressor, then worry no more! Why spend hundreds of dollars for major brand names when you can spend less than $100?

For home use, a small or portable air compressor is sufficient, and it doesn’t need to be a huge brand to do the job.

So here’s a handy list to help you pick out one of the best cheap air compressors under $100:

Best Cheap Air Compressors – 2022

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Air Compressor, Portable, 3 Gallon Horizontal, Oilless, w/ 10 Piece Accessory Kit Including Air Hose & Inflation Gun (Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV)
2,303 Reviews
Air Compressor, Portable, 3 Gallon Horizontal, Oilless, w/ 10 Piece Accessory Kit Including Air Hose & Inflation Gun (Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV)
This air compressor with tank is practically a steal considering its price. The tank has a capacity of 3 gallons.

CFM is 0.36 and PSI is 90. It’s suitable for household use and for use with many DIY projects.

This can easily power up and the pump is oil free. The compressor doesn’t require any maintenance either.

But when it gets too old, you should probably have a mechanic look at it.

The accessory kit includes a whopping 10 pieces, including a coiled hose, inflation needles and a blow gun.

PowRyte 3 Gallon Oil-Free Hotdog Portable Air Compressor -100 PSI
43 Reviews
PowRyte 3 Gallon Oil-Free Hotdog Portable Air Compressor -100 PSI
The CFM in this compressor is a decent 0.6 points. It comes with a 3 gallon tank.

This air compressor is more than suitable for home use for light to moderate tasks. The motor inside is fully enclosed so safety has been given a priority.

It has thermal overload protection as well. Pump is oil-free so it doesn’t require any maintenance either.

The body has a carry handle so there’s some portability offered as well.

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How to Buy a Good Budget Air Compressor

When looking for an air compressor under $100, you should be able to make a good purchase if you keep certain key things in mind:

It’s highly recommended to first learn about the types of air compressors and how they work before going on to buy. This will allow you to know which specs to look for.

You will most commonly find piston type air compressors when shopping for home use.

There are single stage and two stage piston air compressors. It refers to the number of pistons.

Two stage piston compressors are quite powerful and are intended mainly for commercial use.

Other types of air compressors include stationary, pancake and portable compressors.

Portable air compressors are small and compact. These tools are suitable for smaller tasks around the house, such as powering nail guns.

If you are looking for a really small air compressor, buy an inflator. These compressors don’t have storage tanks and continuously supply air.

Inflator air compressors are used to blow up tires, floats, sports equipment, and similar inflatable things.

Air compressors are either electric or are powered by a fuel source like gasoline. Gasoline compressors tend to be quieter.

Electric compressors may be more convenient. Be aware that you should never use an electric air compressor in a wet or damp area.

Gasoline air compressors should never be used indoors or an otherwise closed or unventilated area.

To understand how powerful an air compressor is, look at the CFM ratings. The higher the better.

The PSI level will indicate which kind of tools the compressor can power. The horsepower readings only indicate the power output of the compressor.

Not all air compressors come with air hoses. So try to buy a compressor with this accessory to get the best return for your money.

Air compressors with several couplers will allow you to switch between tasks without having to constantly disconnect and reconnect tools.

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